How to Select Floor Machine for a Maximum Productivity at Lowest Cleaning Cost

In every industry, labor represents 90 percent or more of the total cost of floor cleaning. This means that management should have a better cleaning system that lowers their cleaning costs while maximizing productivity.

One best method is the use of automated floor cleaning machine that can lead to greater productivity. Why? Floor machines are known of its efficiency on cleaning floors. It can clean wider cleaning paths in a shorter time effectively. Floor machines can too perform multiple operations with one machine.

Many floor cleaning equipments are available in the market today and selecting the best is very important and requires careful consideration depending on your cleaning need.

Equipment Features — the designed features of equipment will help increase workers productivity and decrease overall cleaning time while reducing the total cleaning cost. Duplex floor machines offer different unique features. They can clean large carpeted or hard floor areas in lesser time; highly maneuverable machine that cleans to the very edge and allows operators to work faster with less fatigue; more importantly, it reduces water usage. Battery powered like Dupla floor scrubber truly has one great feature making it ideal for cleaning high traffic areas.

Multi-function Equipment — equipment that performs multiple operations increase productivity. One cleaning pass eliminate the need for workers to perform a variety of tasks making floor cleaning faster. Like Duplex Salla floor machine, it has a unique multi-purpose design to operate four different tasks in one machine. It can be transformed into wet/dry vacuum, floor washer, sweeper and scrubber/dryer which are very useful in demanding industries.

Durability — floor machines should not only perform efficiently but also can stand the test of cleaning times. Durability is one important factor to consider in selecting floor cleaning equipment. Buying cheaper floor machine that will only last for 2 years or less is not a wise and cost-effective technique. With Duplex floor machines, durability was never been at stake.

Minimal Equipment Maintenance — floor machines that are easy to clean and maintain will last longer. One should also ensure that there is a service available nearby to keep the equipment running all the time.

Each of this floor cleaning machine is designed uniquely to perform best in every cleaning time that features a maximum efficiency on fighting against dirt, dust, grime and grease. This ability leads to the highest level of floor-cleaning productivity as well as the cost efficiency of the business.

What Should You Include in a Bathroom Remodel?

When you’re planning a bathroom remodel, the sky is the limit, depending on how much money you have to spend and how much space you have to work with. If you are like many homeowners, you get bathroom remodel ideas by looking online, reading magazines, talking to friends, and touring homes. When you price it out with a contractor, you may have sticker shock as the cost to put it all together can be high. To make sure your expectations match your budget, do some research ahead of time to find out the cost of popular features in a bathroom remodel.

Putting a Price Tag on Bathroom Remodel Dreams

One way to assess the costs of upgrades is to look at what is included in the 2015 Remodeling Magazine survey of Cost vs. Value. While your costs will vary according to where you live and whether you do everything on the list for what they consider part of a “modest” job or an “upscale” one, this will give you a good starting point for average costs and values for popular projects.

What is a Modest Bathroom Remodel

If you are doing a modest bathroom remodel, you might expect to pay $15,782 nationwide. This might consist of updating an existing 5′ x 7′ bathroom to include:

-A new standard white toilet

-A new 30″ x 60″ porcelain-on-steel tub with 4″ x 4″ ceramic tile

-A new pressure-balanced shower control

-A solid-surface sink with built-in sink

-A new recessed medicine cabinet with light

-A ceramic tile floor

-Vinyl wallpaper

In return for these basic updates, you might expect a 65.2% return on your investment.

What is an Upscale Bathroom Remodel

If you decide to go for a more luxurious bathroom remodel, you might spend $50,007 nationwide. This might consist of updating an existing 5′ x 7′ bathroom to 100 square feet within the current house footprint and include:

-Costs to relocate all fixtures and replace them with colored ones

-A new tub with a customized whirlpool tub

-A separate 42″ x 42″ shower with ceramic tile walls with accent strip, built in recessed shower caddy, body-spray fixtures, and a frameless glass enclosure

-A stone countertop with two sinks

-Double mirrored and lighted medicine cabinets

-Cabinets with custom drawers and base cabinets

-A one-piece toilet placed in a compartmentalized commode area

-A ceramic floor tile floor with larger tiles laid on the diagonal with ceramic tile base molding

-New general and spot lighting that includes a waterproof shower fixture.

-A humidistat-controlled exhaust fan

-Extend the HVAC system to cover the new space

-In-floor heating and heated towel bars

In return for these basic updates, you might expect a 58.3% return on your investment.

Find a Great Contractor

A bathroom remodel does not have to include everything on this list, but when attending to all the possibilities, costs add up quickly. To ensure you get the most value for your money, work with a contractor experienced in residential bathroom remodel jobs.

Home Decor Ideas to Deliver Instant Impact and Save You Money

If your current home decor is dull and boring, but your budget causes you to be hesitant to spend the money to completely redecorate, don’t despair. You don’t have to have the talents of an interior designer nor the budget to hire one to update your home decor. Simple, low-cost home decor ideas can make a remarkable difference in your home’s appearance.

Here are but a few home decor ideas which can perk up a room for around $100 or less:

One of the most used rooms in any home is the bathroom. If your bathroom is cluttered and none of the accessories match, it might be a good idea to spend a little money updating the look and organizing the clutter.

It won’t take much time or money to replace your old accessories like the tissue box cover, toothbrush holder, soap or lotion dispenser and trash can with a matched set. Home decor retailers, major department stores and most off-price retailers offer a wide selection of bathroom accessories in a variety of styles and colors. You can also find shower curtains, rug sets and window treatments to match or compliment your new bathroom accessories.

Nothing can spruce up your living space like green leafy plants and floral arrangements. You don’t even have to have a green thumb to add some greenery to your home. There are many low-maintenance plant varieties to choose from or select a life-like artificial plant or arrangement. Today’s imitation plants and arrangements appear so real, the only way to tell the difference is to touch them.

Adding strategic lighting can totally alter the appearance of your room, and affect the mood as well. So many people neglect the lighting fixtures when updating their home decor. And, let’s face it, the lighting fixtures which came with your home usually aren’t the most attractive nor does the glaring overhead light they emit enhance your space. Why not set the mood and add to the decorative aspect of your room using ornamental lamps. Indirect lighting from table and floor lamps add a warm, cozy feeling to your space.

Even if it’s not in your budget to replace your furniture, repainting your space in a trendy new color can give it a completely new appearance. You can also opt for a classic color which will remain in style for many years. Changing the wall color is an effective way to give your room a fresh, up-to-date look, no matter which color you select.

As a final low-cost home decor idea, don’t assume that you’ll have to buy new furniture to make-over the decor in your room. Believe it or not, simply rearranging your furniture and decorative items can be enough of a change to produce a new look which will achieve the results you want and work great for your room.

Requesting a Housekeeping Service: How To Know If You Need Regular or Deep Cleaning Services

It can bit a bit daunting to hire a professional janitorial company to clean your house for the first time. If you’ve never gotten a professional cleaning service, it is nice to know what kind of services you need, so you don’t overpay for services you aren’t looking for. It also helps to keep you from being disappointed if you know what to expect.

Before calling a cleaning company, look around your place and decide what you want cleaned. Maybe you already do a regular upkeep by dusting and sweeping/vacuuming floors, but noticed that the bathroom and kitchen need some love. Or you could look around and notice that your home is not in dire need of a really detailed cleaning, but doing the basics for a few hours is enough.

For most cleaning companies regular services, which is basic cleaning, include floor sweeping, and moping, outside surfaces like tables, counters, sinks, bathroom scrubbing of fixtures, fixing the bed, and light dusting. This cleaning usually comes at a flat rate depending on how many rooms you have, and no one has to go over and look at the place beforehand.

Deep services is defined as a really thorough cleaning. The basic cleaning should be included in this, but this is a good option if you have parts of your home that need extra attention, such as bookshelves, or cabinets that haven’t been cleaned in a while, and are dusty. A good deep cleaner will take out all of the objects in the cabinet, or bookshelf, rid the area of dust, and then put back the objects. Deep cleaning can also include a detailed windowsill, oven cleaning, and a top to bottom refrigerator cleaning. Deep cleaning services are usually charged by the hour with a minimum set of hours, such as three or four.

Laundry service is something that is different for every cleaning company. I have seen some companies include one load of laundry in regular services, while other companies charge extra for laundry service, or will only wash bed sheets, and towels. A janitorial company can do you laundry, but it can take away from the time used for cleaning your place.

Sometimes cleaning companies will not send a supervisor to inspect the place beforehand, and charge you based on how long the cleaner stays to finish the job, but if you want to be sure about how much it will cost before the services, request someone from the company to check out your space, and give you an estimate on how many hours it will take. Knowing all the details beforehand will really make the experience of hiring a cleaning company relaxing, just as it should be.